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Here are some links to Wedding Accessories you can crochet. More coming soon as I discover them.

Candle Drapes- these would dress up plain candles and make them special for a ceremony.

Wedding Favor Bag

Ring Barer Pillow cover- I like the open lace of this

Wedding Fan- a lacy fan in shell pattern, could be used as a decoration, or even as a unique background for flowers for the bride to carry.

Crochet Wedding Cake- I like how they used the crochet cake as a plate cover

Bride and Groom Bunnies- such a cute couple

Two Peas in a Pod- this is so cute. Two little stuffed peas, one with a veil and one with a top hat, sitting in a pot. I think this would make such a cute decoration on top of a gift.

Brides Sachet Hanger- very lacy and pretty for hanging special garments.

Bridal Choker- could use any charm or decoration for the center

Wedding Patterns on Crochet Pattern Central

This is a lace cuff that I made. It snaps

around the forearm to take the place of

long sleeves.

This design was made to represent the marriage arangment. There is a wild rose in the center representing the sweetness and passion of love. Around the flower i a round of pearl beads, representing the tears of joy and sorrow that come with years of loving. Around it all, holding it all together, is a ring of solomon's knots representing the three-fold chord- husband, wife, and Jehovah God.