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 Crochet can be used so many ways in making jewelry.

Beaded Fringe Earrings- These look very stylish and feminine.

Flower Pin- big layered flower

Yo-yo Necklace and Bracelet- simple and fun

Two Color Bracelet- bangle style, would look best with high contrast colors in my opinion

Beaded Mile-a-minute Bracelet- very delicate and lacy looking

Heart Slider Choker- you have to scroll down to see the patter, but I love the idea of the heart sliding

Needle Necklace- uses yarn needles and crochet to make a nice necklace

Rosebud Broach- these rosebuds are prescious

Seashore Earrings- starfish and shells- very cute

Julia Cuff- these are cute bracelets

Ladybug Beads- these could be beads or buttons

Antique Bone- this is a beaded necklace that is meant for the beads to mimic the ivory in old necklaces. I like the way it lays and is very classic while still looking fresh and new.

Ice Princess Choker- pretty snowflake choker

Snowflake Pin- this is a very detailed looking snowflake

Snowflake Earrings- I love these earrings. I think they would look fantastic in any color.

Bridal Bauble Choker- this could be made for any occasion.

These are quilt motifs, but I think they could be adapted to jewelry

Ponte Vecchio Choker- this is so elegant. I love this one.

Child's Necklace with Coin Pendant- this actually would be a pretty little lace bag pendant for anyone

Dolphins- these could be done as small toys or as pins

Free-form Lariat Necklace- this freeform is so neat.

Hummingbird Pin- I think this could be made into a pin. Not sure.

Coral Necklace- this looks like freeform coral

White Flower Necklace- this looks sophisticated and like something from the flapper era.

A Touch of Warmth Cuffs- lacy short cuffs

Crochet Rings- from Crochet Today!

Lace and Pearls Necklace- ok, this is more for inspiration. It is just a preview of the pattern that is in the magazine. But I love it!

Floral Lapel Pins- very cute. I think I would find more decorative buttons to use. But cute.