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Here are some patterns that would make some fun applique's to embellish things. More coming soon.

Dragonflies are popular decorations currently. Here are some to embellish a little girl's outfit or anything else you like.

Winged Dragon- nice silhouette

Butterfly- from drops studio

Lacy Heart Frame- this was designed for a Valentine card, but I think it would make a great frame or applique for any project

Strawberry- this is a bookmark pattern, but I think it would make a neat applique


Small Seahorse

Large Seahorse


Ladybug Appliques- these are more like buttons or beads

Angelfish Applique- very pretty fish

Victorian Style Appliques- little fans and umbrellas, lacy and classic

Hummingbird- I would love to make this for a purse embellishment

Hearts- these lacy little heart coasters would make great appliques

Simple Little Hearts- done with shell stich

Appliques for Kid Stuff