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Oh how I love making afghans for babies. It is a hug that they can wrap up in anytime they want to. Here are some of my favorite Baby Afghan Patterns. I lost some of my links recently, so this list will grow as I find more of my old friends.

Larksfoot Stitch Baby Afghan- This is an interesting stitch that creates movement for the eye if done in varying colors.

Granny Stripes- granny squares alternated with rows of stripes

Baby Blankie with Puppy Pal set- matching blanket and baby safe stuffed dog

Baby Doll and Blanket set- matching blanket and baby safe doll, boy doll

Drops Baby Blanket- this is a really pretty square, textural and lacy at the same time. It is worked all in white in the sample picture, but I could see it in any color(s).

Ryan's Cuddle Cover- very pretty flowers (they remind me of sunflowers)

Chameleon Baby Blanket- this is an interesting wave pattern with outlining stitches, done in blocks. It would work for any age.

Sea Creatures Throw- this is so cute for anyone who likes an ocean theme

Broomstick Lace Baby Afghan

Bunny Slope- ripple ghan that could be done in any color. Scroll down page to find pattern

Round Ripple Afghan

Mayflower Baby Blanket- very lacy and beautiful

Monkey Blanket and Matching Stuffed Monkey- would make a great shower gift

Hexagon Shells and Ladders- this is a hexagon shaped blanket, not just a hexagon motif or square.

Counting Sheep- the sheep have numbers, so funnny

Bearghan- this is a great kid's afghan. It looks like a bear.

Butterfly Throw- I can see this for a little girl, so cute

Penguin Afghan- cute picture of a penguin

Cuddles the Koala- picture of a koala in a tree


Rainbow Afghan- Colorful rainbow diamond in the center and around border on a white background

Duck Charted Afghan- big yellow duck

Charted Turtle Afghan- I like the shell on this turtle, I can see it in bright colors to make it more fun.

Baby Checks- cute baby afghan done in squares and could be worked in any color for boy or girl

Ripple Afghan- My sister received on of these afghans as a shower present done in primary colors and it became a favorite blanket for years for my nephew.

Beth's Little Star Afghan- this could be worked in any color and make a great little afghan for a baby in the shape of a star.

Bev's 5-day Newborn Baby Blanket- this is a beautiful little blankie that could be made in any colors.

Starry, Starry Night- This afghan is done in a star shape, and has stars scattered on it. I think it looks very unique and would love to make one for a little one.

Accra Tri-colored Baby Blanket- this is really cute, with stars and flowers, and blocks at different angels.

Hexagon Baby Blanket- the whole blanket is hexagon shaped.

Sherbet Ripple Blanket- nice pastel colors

Four Square Baby Afghan- this one looks like it would work up fast

Mile-a-minute Preemie Blanket- it is nice to find such a cute pattern for a preemie