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Each Year I try to learn a new technique or stitch to add to my crochet knowledge. In 2008 I started learning about Tunisian Crochet. The first thing I learned was that it is not just the afghan stitch. Tunisian crochet is a whole craft in its own right. There are probably hundreds of stitches to learn in the realm of Tunisian Crochet, and as it becomes more popular I am sure more and more patterns will become available.

What I especially like about Tunisian Crochet is the way it can lay almost as smooth as knitted stitches. It is also very dense and can create a great fabric to work on top of.

Here are a few of the links I have collected as I have learned about Tunisian Crochet.

Nextstich has one of the best video tutorials I have found for TC.

Tunisian Crochet Videos- videos of several different types of stitches, including TC pearl stitch and others

Introduction to Tunisian Crochet- from Crochet Me

Chez Crochet has several tutorials on TC stitches, as well as patterns

Crochet Kim has a few free TC patterns, very professional patterns for sale, and resource links.

Serendipity Crochet- two ways to work a ripple afghan in TC

Art of Crochet Video Stitch Guide - look in the right hand column

Why does Tunisian Crochet Curl, and how do I stop it?! You aren't doing anything wrong, that is what TC does. Because you work the stitches all from one side of the fabric, and because of the Pronounced Ridge on the back of Tunisian Crochet... the fabric has the tendency to curl. However, there are many ways to reduce and even eliminate the curl. These links are the best tips and tricks we have found: from Chez Crochet, from Crochet Kim, from the message board of the Tunisian Crochet group at yahoo groups.

Crohook Tutorial

Changing Colors in Tunisian

An Introduction to Tunisian Crochet- from Crochet Me ezine

Links to Tunisian Crochet sites and to techniques that are similar to TC.

Basic TC or Afghan Stitch Video- this site has lots of vidoes that are great

Stockinette St Video

TC Purl Stitch

TC Crossed Stitch

TC Double Stitch

TC Rib

TC Honeycomb Stitch

Patterns for Tunisian Crochet

Crochet Kim- a few free patterns, and some very professional patterns for sale

Short Row Dishcloth Video

Chez Crochet

Gosh Yarn It- don't you just love the name? They carry TC patterns as well as hooks and the Tunisian Crochet Encyclopedia which I am told has 400 TC stitches.

Crohook Patterns from Crochet Central

Gormet Crochet- gorgeous patterns, not free, but very beautiful

Clutch in Cables- this is such a neat pattern. I made one for my sister and loved how it looked

Tunisian Shawl

Spiderlace Baby Afghan- I love the way this makes a reversible afghan

Tunisian Duck Pattern

Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth- includes a video tutorial

Tunisian Ribbed Hat- very warm

Snugly Cro-hook Slippers

Baby Booties

Carry All Purse

Tunisian Umbrella Cover

Entralac Round Afghan- Tutorial and Pattern

TC in the Round
Tunisian Raglan Baby Sweater

Tunisian Flowers