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I love making special toys for the kids that come into my life. I especially have loved making some custom toys for nieces and nephews that reflect their own interests and personalities. Never be afraid to alter a pattern to really give it some personal touches for the ones you are making it  for.


Lilly Dolls- 1) Fun in the Sun Lilly with summer dress, 2)July Lilly, 3) Lilly, 4)Western Lilly

Sock Monkey- crocheted version of the old classic

Panda Bear- amigurumi

Rowdy- stuffed dog

Cardinal- stuffed bird

Baby Doll and Blanket set- little boy doll, very baby safe, with matching blanket

Stuffed Puppy Pal and Blankie set- matching blanket with baby safe toy

Buttercup Bear- cute little yellow bear

Old Blue- stuffed dog

Undersea Mobile- I think this would be a great decoration a toddler's room

Stuffed Monkey

Another Stuffed Monkey and Matching Monkey Blanket- would make a great shower gift

Pond Friends Stacking Toy

Baby Sea Otter

Townie the Bat

Baby Sheep

Penguins- these are two of the cutest penguins I have seen in crochet

Puppy Love- this is a set of puppy patterns that are outstanding

Lion Toy- this one has options for a male or female lion

Little Stuffed Lamb- this one reminds me of the sock puppet Lambchops

Lady Bug

Mauritius the Dodo Bird

Moose- I love moose


Icicle- miniature mohair bear

Heidi Hedgehog- I love hedgies

Heather the Hippo

Granny Square Teddy- made from small granny squares

Owlets and a Robin- I love these little owls 

Freddy the Fish- he's a super fat fish

Toads- great expressions


Manta Ray

Pomeranian- this one has a tutorial for the fur technique

Meerkats- cute, like Zaboomafu

Curly Bear- very unusual design, the bear has curls for hair

Circus Elephant

Stuffed Donkey- so cute

Cute Little Doggie

Fluffy Friend- this looks so much like a terrier, GREAT fur technique

Captain Cute- pirate teddybear

Polar Bear- this one looks like it would work up quick

Fat Rainbow Fish- I love the eyes on this one

Frog- gotta love the big head

Better Bear

Beary Pretty Dress- I love this lacy dress for a bear

Baby Snow Bunny- this is such a cute bunny

Baa the Sheepy Change Purse- well, just stuff it and it becomes a toy

Boris the Badger- I think this would be great to add some fuzzy yarn to

Baby Chick- this fuzzy head is priceless

Baby Birds in a Nest- Momma and babies

Another Baby Chick

Eel- if I ever have a sea theme going on, this would fit right in, very cool

Cuddly Koala

Siamese Kitty- I like the face on this one

Twiggy the Tree Frog

Fishing Game- crochet little objects to catch with hook and rod

Victorian Doll- and her Dress

Animal Pillows- fun and functional

Little Mouse- cute little stuffed mouse

Perfect Pony- stuffed horse with saddle

Elephant- this elephant is ready for the circus

Bunting Doll- this makes a great little toy for a baby to hold onto

Pegasus or Unicorn- for the child who loves fantasy horses

Panda Bear- cute panda teddy


Penguin- a tall, skinny penguin in my opinion

Fish- no picture

Simple Cat- cute, I was thinking this could be made into a door stopper by adding a weight inside

Baby Triceratops- this is such a cute dinosaur toy

Animal Masks- help their imagination with some wild costumes

Miniature Checkerboard- great for taking along in the car

Lavender Bunny- this is a sweet stuffed bunny with long ears

Beary Jackson- small stuffed bear, great beginner's project

Penguin- this is a really cute penguin. I think the eyes are especially cute.

Fuzzy Bear- this is a cute pattern for making a fuzzy little bear

Child Tulip Purse- I love the flower on this one

Click Here for More Toy Patterns


Here are Funshine Bear, Pony-Heart Bear, and Heartsong Bear all hanging out on the couch together. These were made when my nephews and niece were pretty young. Pony-Heart Bear was made for my niece who has been riding horses with her mother since before she was born. Tehya has a special bond with horses and ponies, and I knew she would love the pony on her bear. Lance is a little older than his brother and sister, but he has always loved music and I wanted him to know that I knew he has music in his heart and soul. His bear has a guitar with notes bursting out of it. 

These are tackle rolls that I made for my nephews to put their

fish hooks in. They are done in Tunisian crochet and have a

false suede lining so that the hooks don't poke through. They

roll up and can be put in the pocket.

This is a Pony-Purse I made for Tehya as well. Just stuff the handles down inside and she's a toy.