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Over the years I have fallen in love with crocheted squares and motifs that can be incorporated into all kinds of other projects. They can be pieced together to make afghans, or clothing, or pillows, or all kinds of things. Your imagination is the limit.

Crunch Texture Rows Square- this pattern has a cable look, and almost a knit texture to it. Very elegant looking.

7" Frilly Crochet Square- video, has two layers

Gerbera Daisy Square- I love this square, such a cute flower. And I think if you did the flower in fall colors it would pass for a sunflower.

Winter Burst- pretty open 12" square with like a sun burst center, all in one color. I think it would look great in multiple colors

Starflower Squares- the pattern is for joining the squares into a pillow topper or runner, but I like them as squares for any pattern.

Maggie Weldon's Granny Rose- the pattern is for a potholder, but I think it would make a better square

Spicy Rose Square- pretty framed flower with a loopy border (pdf)

Charity Daisy Square- this is a cool pattern. The person who designed the square will give you the pattern if you will make an eight inch square and send it to her for her charity afghans.

Simple Afghan Square- lacy

Pretty Afghan Square- this is a lacy and pretty afghan square

Trip Around the Wold Granny Square- this is a slightly more sophisticated granny than the traditional granny square. I think this pattern also is in the book "50 Sensational Afghans" which I love.

Dolphin Jumping Square

Mint Delight- this one reminds me a little of the Around the World Granny Square

Chain Link Square

Blooming Lace- 12' Granny that has a flower at the center that reminds me of a daisy

Blooming Granny- 12" square with a soft flower at the center

Dogwood Blossom- so feminine and delicate looking

Butterfly Garden- pretty square that has stitch holes that remind me of butterflies fluttering

Cherries Jubilee- bright red and white square with a pretty circle pattern in center

Crown Jewels- I don't really like the colors used in the original, but I like the pointed stitches around the inner frame.

Carnival Granny Square

Framed Curch Windows- this one is so pretty with the stained glass technique

Four Pointed Star Square- neat use of points

Chickens Sampler Square- very texturized stitch

Happy Hearts- this is a great square if you want a heart theme, four hearts around the center

16 Circles Square- great use for scraps 

Group of 6" Squares- I especially like the Puff Granny and the Puff Flower

Two-Row Granny Square- for making picture or quilt afghans, extremely versatile

Tunisian Block, Daisy- this is a nice flower block

V's and Fans Window Block- this is a nice open work square, lacy.

Cross My Heart Square- this is an adorable heart theme

Victorian Dream Square- this is very lacy and feminine

Framed Flower- This is one I have made a couple times and it looks great in any colors.

Up-Down Stitch Square- nice striped square based on learning the Up-Down Stitch. I think it would make a nice square for a boy's afghan.

Corner Puffs Motif- this is a simple but very nice square

Happy Granny Square- this one reminds me of a kaleidoscope image unfolding.

Fair Isle Crochet Block- I thought that Fair Isle patterns could only be worked in knit. This is cool.

Wagon Wheel Puff Motif- this reminds me of a marigold flower

Three Dimensional Flower Square- no picture on pattern page

Joyous Square- this one is so bright and colorful. Another one that reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

Flat Braid Square- a little plain

Nordic Star Square- I would love to do this one for my Norwegian Inlaws

Granny Style Quad Rosette- lacy and open motif

Spanish Tile Square- I love this bold contrast

Heraldic Square- this reminds me of rain drops for some reason.

Bev's Soft Flower Square- very feminine flower. It reminds me of the wild roses at home.

Lacy Stripes- this would look good in a wedding ring throw

Maze Granny Square- lots of contrast

Lace Medallion- open and lacy as the name implies

Gothic Square- high contrast but not depressing as the term Gothic seems to imply.

Antique Pearls- puff stitches in white look just like a pearl necklace.

Horse Head Doily- I think this would look great as a tunisian square with some experimenting

Octogon Star Motif- not a square really, but a great motif

Sampler Square in Popcorn Stitch

Sampler Square in V Stitch

Sampler Square in Thistle Stitch, also known as Moss Stitch

Sunrise Granny Square- bright and simple

Granny Square En-Point - This square creates the classic log cabin design from quilting

Maple Leaf- based on classic quilt pattern

Square in Square- I love the earthtones in the modle square. The bold geometric pattern would be good for a guy's afghan

Dog's head- if you like dogs, you will like this square

Cat's head- Cat's rule, but dogs steal your heart

Hexagon Square-video

Windmill - Another classic quilt design