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I like to make slippers for gifts for friends. I have not collected too many patterns for slippers yet, but as I find more that I like I will be adding the links here.


Snugly Cro-hook slippers

Snowball Slippers- very fluffy looking

Button Slippers- remind me of ballet shoes

Sarah's Simple Slippers- looks like an anklet sock

Fun Folded Toddler Slippers- I think this could be altered to make adult slippers too. Interesting technique.

Sugar and Cream Slippers- simple, elegant, and feminine

Granny Square Slippers- just what it sounds like (part of me thinks that if you sewed the opening shut it would make a good potholder too, lol)

Slipper Socks- this looks like the heel up is worked vertical. Interesting technique.

Adult Slippers- look like running shoes

Molly's Mukluks- great looking boot style slipper.

Simple Slippers- these look very tailored, like shoes almost

Snuggly Slipppers

Crocheted Moccasin Slippers- I like the sole on these, Mark might like a pair of these

Shoe Style Slippers

Slipper Socks Diamond Pattern- I like the diamond on top of the instep

Poodle Slippers

Slipper Sox- these have a leather looking sole and sock like tops, very cozy looking

Zebra Slippers


Husband Socks

Crochetd Socks- very colorful

Snow-Day Socks

Reversible Socks

Tracks in the Snow Socks