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Here are some patterns for Scarves, Cowls, Neckwarmers, Head Scarfs, Hats, Mittens and Gloves, and Wristwarmers. Enjoy these cozy bits that keep us warm and fashionable.

Scarves, Cowls, and Neckwarmers:

Beaded Cobweb-lace Scarf- this would not be super warm, but makes a nice accessory.

Kiss Me Neck Warmer- simple cowl

Hooded Scarf- the stitch pattern creates an interesting wave texture

Earth and Sky scarf- this stitch with contrasting colors creates an interesting feather design

Champlain One Skein Neck Scarf- neat wooden toggle detail

Andrew's Keepsake Scarf- rows of tunisian and rows of shells

Flower Scarf- flowers in place of fringe at the end

Two Part Harmony- I love the contrasting colors

Lacy Fan Scarf- picture and diagram only

June Slant Stitch Scarf- I love the texture made from this stitch, it also looks awesome when you work the length of the scarf as well.

Rosa Deascena Scarf- lacy scarf

Shaded Shells- very pretty stripes

Waikiki Scarf- light and lacy, lots of pineapples

Button Cowl- lots of ways to wear this one

Every Which Way Cowl- I love the unique stitch pattern, and how it lays around the neck

Bear Hugs Scarf- would be cute for a little one. It has bears on each end.

Fantascot- a very colorful neckwarmer, would make a great stash buster

Brights Hat and Scarf- very colorful and also looks functionally warm

Mesh Scarf With Posies- I really like the colorful flowers all over this

Granny Square Scarf- very pretty flower

Shimmer Cowl- I really like the texture and the trim on this one

Diagonal Crochet Scarf- looks like a great stash buster

Layered Ruffle Scarf- I have made this one a couple of times and I love how it turns out.

Fast Scarf with Pockets- the name says it all

Curly Swirly Scarf- ok, the name describes it perfectly

Clapochet- can be a scarf or a shawl. Interesting stitch worked in the diagonal

Bella Fluer Scarf- looks like a garland of flowers

Side to Side Scarf- very open stitching, would make a great stash buster

Starter Scarf- this does not look like a beginner project. It has lovely cables and a sophisticated look

Morning Dew Scarf

Hairpin Lace and Flowers- pretty lacy scarf with flowers popping out all over

Give Me Warmth Scarf- done with curly-q yarn

Himalayan Dream Scarf- diamond lace done in silk yarn

Haptical Scarf- haptical refers to the sense of touch. This scarf has a lot of texture.

Glamor Girl- pink with faux fur at the tips. Scroll down to see it.

Cupcake Scarf- this would be a great gift for someone who loves to bake. The cupcakes at the end of the scarf look good enough to eat. This is a Jaybird design, free pattern, you may have to scroll down to find it.

Multi Motif Scarf- would make a great stash buster

Crocheted Mobius- nice lace texture but close enough to give some warmth

Winsome Scarf- interesting stitch pattern (PDF)

Shell Stitch hat and Scarf- I like the way this has almost an entrelac look to it.

Paradores Infinity Scarf- this is lovely and could even be a poncho/shawl

Gallup Belt- I see this more as a scarf than a belt

Rose-Decorated Hat and Scarf- looks warm and dressy with flowers on the brim

Doris Scarf- like a lacy ascot

Cabled Scarf

Tickled Pink Scarf- lacy and feminine

Sea Shells Scarf- fashion statement

Pineapple Scarf- this is interesting with the feathery yarn used

Coffeehouse Cap- this is very cool looking for a guy

Stained Glass Scarf- this is really pretty, I am seeing more patterns with this "stained glass" techiniquand this is a good example

Scalloped Cowl- pretty and lacy and soft looking

Convertible Cowl- this could be worn as a neck warmer or a hood.

Ruffle Scarf- this would keep your neck warm a little and would be very nice as an accessory too.

Lacey Crochet Scarf- very open lace, feminine.

Cascade Scarf- nice accessory

Scarf and Hat- this set may not be super warm. But I like the shaded coloring of the set.

Squares Scarf and Hat set- very pretty motif, but not for cold climates. This might be a spring or fall set.

June Scarf done in Slant Stitch- I like this slant stitch look.

Shelly Scarf and Matching Hat- this is done in a lot of shells and looks very pretty.

North-South Scarf- this would just be an accessory. The medallions might make an interesting motif for a matching sweater too.

Aspen Neck Warmer- this is such a pretty pattern. I made this for a friend of mine named Paula.

His Aspen Scarf- Ties in well with the Aspen Neck Warmer above

Ladybug Scarf and Hat- someday I have to make this for my friend Bonnie who is crazy for ladybugs.

Simple Scarf with an Optional Hood- this looks very warm. There are quite a few patterns on this same page, so you have to scroll down when you get there to see the scarf pattern.

Pocket Scarf- pdf file

Simple Textured Scarf- looks warm

Love Knot (Solomon's Knot) Scarf- this looks so airy, light, and lacy.

Irish Lace Scarf- lovely three dimensional roses

V-Stitch Scarf- this would work up so fast.

Greek Key Scarf- ideal for spring time accessory

Hairpin Lace Scarf- almost like jewelry.

Head Scarves:

Diamond Fillet Head Scarf with Optional Irish Rose- done in fillet crochet by chart

Lacy Kerchief- I love the fan stitches

Triangle Headscarf with Fillet Rose- this is such a pretty lace rose

Quick Summer Head Kerchief


Valentine Hat- but it has nothing to connect it to Valentine, so I like it

Phannie- slouchy beret with cool ribbing

Echelon- Cool squares around the brim

Winter Wheat Hat- plain but warm looking

Flower Hat- Big lacy flowers

Lovely in Lace- looks like it has some broomstick lace in it

Sideways Hat- this is worked in vertical rows, and looks like it would be very comfortable.

Bringham One Skein Hat - very lacy and feminine.

Anupriya- neat ear flap hat with bobbles running in diagonal for interest

Phannie- cool slouch with ribbing

Ribbed Hat- I like the ribbing

Soft Chemo Cap- the name says it all

Feminine Chemo Cap- this is a neat design. It is closed on top, for warmth, but vented with lacy stitches on the sides. Pretty flower too.

Stellar Hat- makes a round ripple slouch

Angora Tam- open mesh

Suzy's Butterfly Cap- very pretty butterfly design

Lake House Hat and Scarf- looks very fashionable and warm

Urban Jungle Hat- sloucy and fashionable

Peruvian Earflap Hat

Sideways Hat

Vintage Rose Hat- very open and lacy hat

Tibetan Hat- with ear flaps

Garden Party Hat- this is a fun and sweet looking hat

Floral Cloche

St. Maurus Headwarmer- I like the cables on it

Adult Hat and Mitten Set- I like how the stripes run length wise in the mittens

Child's Beanie

Lattice Hat- this looks cool with the lattice stitches laying over others. Very textural.

Flapper Hat- nice shape

Mesh Hat- good for summer time, nice and cool

Puff Stitch Hat (Large)

Puff Stitch Hat (small)

Cables Hat- not for a beginner unless you are really determined to learn cables.

Divine Hat- I like the way this has a sweep to it

Striped Ski Cap

Crocheted Cap- sort of a newsboy style cap

Giddyup Go- Cowboy style hat with a feminine flare

Peek-a-boo- open worked mesh with a flower on it. I like the edging too.

Bejeweled Beret- I like the way they decorated this with little jewels

Renaissance Rose Cap- pretty rose, purely decoration for the hair, great for the renaissance fair.

Hat Toppers- twirlies to add to top off hats instead of pom-poms

Flowering Granny- very pretty hat and Scarf set that uses a granny square flower as decoration.

Rippled Beret and Scarf- looks warm and the scarf could be done for a man or woman

Sydney- His and Hers Hats, have almost a tapestry look to them, would be very warm I think.

Hat Toppers- cute ideas for topping off that hat you just made

Ribbed Hat with Matching Scarf

Mittens and Gloves:

Neon Bright Winter Warmers- an entire ensemble including mittens, hat, and scarf

Fingerless Mittens- I like the idea that you can slip your thumb out and then just scoot them up your arm so that you don't lose your mittens.

Afternoon Tea Fingerless Gloves- lacy and fancy, very pretty

Fingerless Gloves


Beautiful Lace Wristlets- I like the lace pattern

Winter Wrist Warmers- ribbed cuffs, warm looking

Charmed Wrist Warmers- worked in diagonal, pretty

Wristers- nice flounce

Summer Cuffs

Wrist warmers- but I think these are more like fingerless mittens