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I haven't made any Sachets, yet, but I like patterns for them. I have this vague ambition in the back of my mind that someday I will get around to making a Sachet and everything in my draws will smell lovely. And I will give them as gifts to friends and the world will smell wonderful. Yah, right. But just in case you are looking for a sachet...

Lacy Potpourri Heart- here is a sachet to hold potpourri.

Hats Off to Mother- looks like little Victorian hats

Sweetheart Sachet

Little Leaf- this is a cute idea for using pine scents

Three Lacy Little Sachets- round, square, heart shaped

Fan Sachet- this one holds potpourri too. It is very Victorian in style and has a rose

Spring Hat Sachet- little lacy hat that is designed to be a fridgie as well as sachet

Peaches and Cream Sachet- this one is very Victorian with pearl beads worked in with lace

Knot Stitch Sachet- this one looks like a lace bag for potpourri