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One of my favorite things to make are purses. To me there are never enough purse patterns out there.

Spring Flower Handbag- this is a small, bright purse with a unique flower fringe at the bottom. I think I would add some beads or buttons to the fringe to give it some weight so that it would hang nice all the time.

Rose Garden Tote- these flowers on this tote are almost enough to make me want to try a felt project

Oversize Granny Bag- I love the colors in this

Drawstring Granny Bag- very similar to Oversize Granny Bag

Two Color Tunisian Tote- I like Tunisian crochet, especially in contrasting colors

Aluminum Can Tote- well, I guess this is what you use the rest of the can for after saving the pop top.

Pop Top Purse- this is such a cool way to use the pop top crochet method

Pea Pod Purse- I love the shaping, not so wild for the "peas"

Freeform Bag- If I ever try freeform I think I will try a purse

Grove Isle Bag- large size with nice textures

'Perfect' Purse- more of a clutch with a lacy flap

Pop Top Purse- I love this idea, very cool upcycling

Textured Purse- love the look of this bag

Posh Purse- cabled croissant

T-Shirt Yarn Bag- very durable (see tutorials for making T-shit yarn)

Floral Fiesta Bag/Backpack- cute small pack

Striped Afghan Stitch Purse- this is more of a messenger bag than a purse

Cables Purse- this has diamonds formed from cables

Clusters Tote Bag- this looks like a nice book bag.

Blue Bag Tote- done with recycled grocery bags- And Another Plastic Bag Tote

Bobble Handbag with Flower- I love the textural element of this purse and also the very nice straps/handles.

Child's Tulip Purse- great gift for a little girl

Alpaca Beaded Handbag- this one has a layered effect, and I like the simple beading. I am not sure I like the wooden handles, they make it look a little heavy I think.

Wyoming Purse- I love the flap on this one. I would carry this purse any day.

Chevron Bag- has a ripple flap

Crochet Dress Purse- looks like a baby dress

Beach Bag- nice net style beach bag

Flower Clutch- very simple but elegant looking clutch

Striped Purse- waved vertical stripes, nice rounded shape

Turquoise Crochet Purse- half circle shape, not too large, nice stitching pattern

Sao Paulo Clutch- this is really cute, but I think I would have done the body of the purse in a solid color and the flap in multi colors for a contrast. Doing the whole thing in multiple colors is too busy

Chakra Purse- I love all the textured stitching on this purse. It is stylish and unique.

Daffodil Purse- would make a cute spring purse for a little girl

Very Simple Evening Bag- simple and plain

Bag and Cell Phone Pocket- this is done with flowered squares and is so cute. I love the way it is shaped and the handles.

Diamonds and Triangles Bag with Double Thread- I love the shape, the way it hangs to a point. But would I lose everything in the bottom point?

Bag with pointed Top- this is similar to the Diamonds and Triangles Bag, but the bottom is flat.

Horsing Around- Tapestry purse with horses around the outside

Drawstring Pouch- jewelry bag or other little trinkets would fit nicely