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Here are a few of my favorite Poncho, Shawls, Shrugs, Wraps, Stoles, Ruanas, and Capes.


Hairpin Lace Shawl- would make a great shawl for a bride

Sidewalk Shawl- I am not sure I like the fringe, but I love the pineapples

Center Square Shawl- has a large integrated square

Graceful Shell Shawl- looks comforting, yet light

Sunspree One Skein Shawl- small and simple shawl

Costa Mesa- a western looking shawl

Triangle Shawl- pretty and simple

Best Friends Shawl- I love the lace and diamonds and picot edging

Clapochet- a very narrow shawl that can also be worn as a scarf. It is done on the diagonal with an interesting stitch

Another Clapochet Shawl- would make a good stash buster

Mother of the Bride Shawl- very pretty shells

Comforting Shawl- pretty lace look to this pattern, and to me it looks like there are hearts in the lace

Paradores Infinity Scarf- this is a scarf that transforms into a shawl

Friendship Shawl- combined broomstick lace and square motifs- lacy and very pretty

Romantic Wrap- sophisticated lace

Triangles Shawl

Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend- lacy and elegant

Fall Shawl- nice plain shawl that would be a little warmth in the fall, but not heavy

Quick Crochet Fringed Shawl- looks like a nice project for a last minute gift.

Sangria Shawl- nice lacy look

Flamenco Wrap- I love the flower fringe on this and the way they show it wrapped around the hips of the model

Triangle Snap-Dragon Shawl- lacy and feminine

Holey Moley Shawl- I really like the multi-colored one that the model is wearing

Fast and Easy Shawl


Lovely and Easy Shrug- I made this one once and love it. If I ever make another I am going to make it a little shorter to make it easier to keep on my arms.

Crochet Magic Shrug- one size fits most women, finished size is 38" across back

Elegant Shrug- this is very sophisticated looking. It reminds me more of a jacket or bolero because it has sleeves and a collar

Cozy Shrug- this looks PLUSH

Simple Crochet Shrug- this one looks very cozy

Shrug- would work up quickly because it is done with two strands at the same time


Color Block Poncho- very teen trendy, but you could make it in more neutral colors for a sophisticated look

Multi-wear Poncho- looks great with a belt

Eastwood- this poncho and matching hat are in the style of the ones worn by Clint Eastwood in the famous shootout where he wore a metal chest plate under the poncho

Great with Jeans Poncho- simple but pretty (scroll down to see pattern on page

Leafy Green Poncho- very interesting texture from the stitch changes.

Pocahontas Poncho- I love the way the subtle changes in color tone create an earthy look

Collared Poncho with Flower- this is a nice warm looking poncho

Ruanas and Capes

Scarlet- granny square motif, victorian style Ruanna Cape

Sandi Marshal Cape- short, lacy cape

Wraps and Stoles

Purple Pizzaz Wrap- this is so lovely with different textures I just want to get my fingers into it

Vail Mountain Wrap- lacy, open squares

Zig-zag Shell Stole- this shell makes an interesting effect

Naples Wrap- very interesting stitch pattern that forms lace diamonds, very long with lots of options in how to wear it.

Shoal Wrap- blue with rippled edges

Shoal- pretty, warm looking wrap, with wavy boarder

Night and Day Wrap- I love the contrasting black and white colors and the textured design

Indian Summer Wrap- simple but very stylish

Oasis Wrap- this one is lacy and feminine but still has some weight to it. I love the way that they show different ways to wear the wrap on the model.

Sandals Wrap- very pretty motif but very open, making it more of an accessory than a functional wrap meant to keep you warm

Kigali Lace Wrap- colorful

Striped Wrap- could be done in any color combination