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Here are some patterns for crocheted throw pillows and decorative pillows. I love the coziness of a crocheted pillow. More patterns coming as I discover them.

Basket Weave Pillow - I love the texture of the basket weave stitch

Alaska Snowflower Pillow- I had to laugh because yellow in the snow is never a flower in Alaska, but it makes a pretty diamond star pattern, would be great in an afghan

Ripple Round Pillow- has a matching afghan pattern with it

Desert Pillow- very westerny

Circle Inside a Square Pillow- great little circles

Color Wheel Pillow- reminds me of the quilt pattern called 'dinner plates'

Moroccan Tile Pillow- matching afghan too

Pieces of My Heart Pillow- heart shaped pillow. I think it would look great if it were done in like four country colors (one in each quadrant if you divided it up into fourths) and then had black cross stitching along each color to make it look like it was quilted together.

"I Love Crochet" Pillow- done in filet

Irish Rose Pillow

Bolster Pillow- very nice decorative pillow

Animal Pillows- fun for a kids room

Cat Neck Pillow- this would be a great travel pillow for a kid because it can also be a stuffed toy.

Popcorn Pillows- these look so decorative. I love these.