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These are links that I have not been able to decide how to group yet. But they are definitely projects I really like.

Guitar Strap- this would be cool to make for my nephew

Fish Bowl- little fish and coral to decorate a fish tank or bowl

Water Bottle Carrier- nice shells around the top

Shell Stitched Matt- reminds me of a potholder I make for a friend

Crocheted Hand- signing I Love You in ASL

Aluminum Can Crochet- my aunt used to make this kind of crochet for hats.

Official/Unofficial Blog of the Crochet Liberation Front- I love the idea behind the CLF, namely that crochet is an art form in its own right, unashamedly, unapologetically, and totally unique

Owl Eye Mask- for covering your eyes while you sleep

Kitten Crochet-Hook Holder- This is so cute.

Crochet Organizer- designed to hang on a rod like a towel rack

Sewing Needle Case- this could also be simply altered to make a coin purse

Scissors Case- this would make a nice matching case to go with the needle case above.

Yarn Pincushion- pretty flower pattern

Purse Tissue Holder- pretty and old fashioned

Lacy Tissue Holder- very pretty with little flowers and beads

Ice Cream Cone and Chocolate Pie- some people love the idea of crocheted food. At least there are no calories in it.

Indian Design Patterns

Masquerade Mask- done in HPL

Sweet Dreams Sampler- I think I would make this some day for a child's room or for a guest room and hang it with my favorite poem "Sleep Sweet".

Saving Crochet Work in Resin- I love this idea. My first thought was to make coasters like this, but I did some research and learned that hot mugs would damage the resin epoxy. So this is purely decorational.

 Undersea Mobile

CD and DVD Gift Bag- could be made in any color for any occasion, not just holidays

Cobweb Buster- funny little object for sweeping down cobwebs


Home Decor

Chic Bath Set- neat for a guest bath or gift basket

Plant Hanger

Shells Plant Hanger

Chained Plant Hanger

Momma Sweetatter's Plant Hanger

Bottle Top Mats-1) Autumn Trivet, 2) Flower Trivet, 3) Rolling River Trivet, 4) Apple Trivet, 5)Place Mat, 6)Grape Bunch Trivet/Mat

Spring Wreath- pretty flowers

Bag Lady- a cute way to hold all your plastic bags

Keepers- crocheted containers

Lace Jewelry Frame- very neat way to show off jewelry and your crochet

Picture Frame Embellishments and another

Flowerpot Cover- could also be flipped upside down to fit a lamp shade

Granny Square Head Board- cool idea


Falling Leaves Fridgie

Watermelon Fridgie- looks good enough to eat

Squirrel Fridgie

Sunflower Fridgie


Natural Stripes Rug- done in earth tones

Country Rug- done with granny style squares and could be made in any colors at all to match your own home

Rustic Rug

Sunshine Coaster- ok, this looks more like a snowflake to me, but it is pretty.

Big Cup Coaster- simple but usefull

8 Points Coaster- octagon shaped


Rosy Cozy- this is a rose themed tea cosy for a tea pot. Very cute.

Simple teapot cozy- These teapot cozies are becoming popular. What I like about this design is that it makes a good jumping off point for any embellishments that you would like to add to make it your own 

Teapot Cozy- flowers sewed on a nice background

Cat Tea Cozy- this is so original. The spout of the teapot becomes the cat's tail. Love it!

Marquetry Coasters- coasters are part way down the page

Baseball Coaster

Snowflake Coaster

Feel the Wuv Heart Shaped Coasters- these are pretty and lacy

Place mat- I think I might make a set of these one day


Momma and Chick Potholders- cute little potholders

Starburst Potholder- it does not seem thick enough to protect, I would add another layer

Wiggly Hot Matt

Lantern Potholder

Granny Basket Potholder

Cathedral Window Potholder- bright and pretty

Wrought Iron Rooster Set- makes a rooster rack to hang two potholders on

Antique Rose Potholder- very Victorian looking

Rose Ripple Pot Holder- very pretty pattern. Not sure if the flower would get in the way.

Textured Heart Kitchen Set- potholder, dishcloth, and hotpad- very pretty heart design

Maggie Weldon Rose Granny Potholder- very pretty, but not sure if that flower would be in the way

Fish Potholder

Kaleidoscope Hot Pads- very pretty pattern

Western Boot Pot Holder

Sombrero Pot Holder

Hobby Horse Head Pot Holder


Flower Dishcloths- A friend of mine has a potholder in this same pattern and I hope to make her some of these to match.


Round Rose

Center of My Heart-heart in the center of a lacy circle- very pretty

Garnet Lace

On the Edge- interesting diagonal center

Pebbly Pink- looks like it would be a good scrubber

Sea Waves- I don't know why this one is called sea waves, it looks more like mitered corners to me

Carnation Dishcloth

Mile-A-Minute Dishcloth

Rapid Blue- blue and white stripes

Simple Shells

Grandmother's Flower Garden- like the quilt design

Ruffled Granny

Circle and Shells- I think I would smooth out the joins more

Holey Dishcloth- creates diagonal holes

Snowflake Dishcloth- I love the snowflake. I would use this for a square in an afghan

Ocean Waves Dishcloth- I love this stitch pattern. I would use it in many projects.

Little Star Dishcloth- love the star pattern

Evergreens in the Round- reminds me of looking down on a pine tree from above, with snow on some boughs

Sweetheart Dishcloth- lacy little heart

Sunflower Dishcloth- love sunflowers

Autumn Leaves Dishcloth- very pretty, I think it would even make a pretty scarf it it were made longer

Dahlia Dishcloth- pretty flower at center

Five textured dishcloths- five different stiches

Washboard Dishcloth- nice texture for scrubbing.

Sylvan Star

Circular Washcloth- looks like a bull's eye

Cypress Washcloth- love the name

Spring Meadows- lots of color, almost a doily

Geometric Dishcloths

Venice Beach Hexagon

Squares In Squares

Hexagon Washcloth

Ocean Grove Round Washcloth- lots of ridges

Waves of Color Dishcloth

Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth- this has a video tutorial with it


Simple Dishclothes



Ruffled Basket

Quick Crochet Baskets- these work up with six strands of yarn and would make neat decorations.

Tapestry Baskets- very southwestern in flavor

Ripple Basket- done in the same stitch pattern as a ripple ghan

Cornucopia- pretty cone-shaped basket for hanging on the wall

Nursery Caddy- cute moused shaped caddy to hold everything near a changing station in the nursery

Spiral Coil Baskets- I think these would look great in earth tones

Imitating Nature

Medium Crocheted Seashell

Large Crocheted Seashell

Crocheted Pine Cones

These were rolls that I made to hold fish hooks for

my nephewsto put in their pockets when they went

fishing. The outside is done in Tunisian stitch, and

  the lining is a fake suede.