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Here are a few of my favorite patterns for hats and mittens for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids.

Child's Beanie

Newborn Baby Mittens- these work great to protect little one's faces from being scratched by flailing hands.

Another pattern for Newborn Baby Mittens

Baby Mittens

Baby Hat with Ear Flaps- this would be especially nice for cold climates

Sweet Pea Bonnet- cute little bonnet for a girl

Cupcake Hat- this sweet hat is adorable.

Sesame Street Character Hats- great for toddlers

Victorian Hat for a little girl- this is too cute and feminine for description

Puff Stitch Baby Hat- I made one of these for a friend. I used three colors for it and it was a great look. It would work for a girl or boy and be very warm.

Animal Snuggies- hats that look like animal ears

SLK Baby Hat- this is a simple hat that would keep a baby warm and be a quick gift to make

Pop-top Baby Hat- This is so cool. It has a button on top and allows you to open the top of the hat to vent heat and cool the baby off without pulling the hat off, leaving the ears warm. I want one in adult size.

Little Squares Hat and Booties- this is in preemie sizes

Care Ware- lots of patterns for baby hats

And Other Stuff for Babies, Toddlers and Kids...

Appliques for Kids

Cute Head bands for Babies


Newborn and Toddler Patterns