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Each year I try to learn a new stitch or technique that I can add to my tool box. For 2010 it was Hairpin Lace. I joined the yahoo group ( for hairpin lace and from them  I am learning a lot about how to incorporate it into other crochet projects. Below are links that have been helping me.

Inspiration- these are some great pictures of HPL items that inspire me

More Inspiration

Fun with Loop N Lace- this is a cool twist on the idea of HPL. The loops are made in an entirely different way, but joined a lot like HPL.

Hairpin Lace Video- This is in Japanese, but it gives some very clear views of how ti use a loom and also has some really fantastic project ideas. You don't have to understand the language to understand the ideas.

Beginning HPL Video- This is a good video for learning HPL, and it looks like she will eventually have other links for HPL, including patterns, soon

How to Make HPL- no pictures

Stitch Diva HPL Tutorial


Crochet Pattern Central Hairpin Lace- lots of patterns for HPL here

Great Patterns Here