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Make bouquets of flowers for yourself from thread and yarn!

Borage Flowers - these remind me of little forget-me-nots

Ribbon Flower- great video directions

Marigold- video, great three dimensional design

Layered Flower

Frilly Target Flowers- these flowers do sort of remind one of a frilly bulls eye

Lotus Flowers, Video for Lotus Flower pattern

Rosebud Broach- these little rosebuds are prescious

Chrysanthemum- this flower would also make an interesting hat topper

Chrysanthemum2- this is a little more sophisticated looking

Lilly of the Valley- this is a pretty delicate white flower

Carnation- I like the two toned design on this fancy carnation

Violets Pin- little violets gathered into a corsage with a lace doily background

Daisy Hat Trim- could also make a nice decoration on a gift bag or box

Irish Roses- for a picture frame or for scrap booking. Cute use of buttons.

More little Roses for picture frames- I think this would make a great little wedding present

Lilly of the Valley Barrette- This is a great pattern. I made this for a friend of mine and I loved the way the flowers turned out. I think you could also use this to make little blue bells

Sunflower- I think this would be cool worked in raffia

Tradescantia- cute little flowers with three petals

Orchid- got a black thumb that won't let you grow these delicate and exotic blooms? Crochet one or two.


Picot Flower- I like the contrast of the pointed petals with the rounded ones

Posy Hair bow- PDF FILE

Strip Rose- making roses with the strip method can give you a very tight little flower

Daffodils and more Daffodils and even more Daffodils

Roses and Violets Bouquet- I think the leaves are very interesting in this pattern

Pansy Card- little pansies in a basket for a card. Very adorable!

Pussy Willows and Hydrangea Centerpiece- Flowers and branches to put into a vase. Very realistic pussy willows. I have never seen anything like it. Love it.

Bleeding Heart Applique- this is a cute flower for applique, or on the end of a bookmark

Gladiola Pin

Calendula (Marigold) Pin or Barrette- I like the leaves on this flower pattern

Calla Lilly Pin- Wow!

Amelia Flower- PDF File

SkaMamma's Mum- I think this flower would make a great key chain decoration because you would never lose it in the bottom of your purse. lol

Poppy Flower and another Poppy

Floral Lapel Pin- uses buttons for the center of the flower, cute

Tunisian Roses- unusual pattern done in Tunisian Crochet

Blue Pansey

Marigold- ok, to me this looks like a gold daisy

White Trumpet

Six Petal Flower- very simple but would make a nice applique

Spring Flower- this is so lacy, very delicate looking

Apple Blossoms- sweet little flowers, and I think they would also work as cherry blossoms. I am keeping these in mind for an afghan that I am designing of a cherry tree in bloom.

Links to all kinds of Flowers

Lots more links to Flowers

Flutterbys (more coming soon)

Papillon Pin

Ulysses Butterfly Bookmark

Butterfly Applique- open and lacy

Butterfly Wall Plaques- these are done in black thread to make them look like wrought iron

Drangonfly- OK, I count dragon flies in with the flutterby ken

Butterfly Shade Pull

Butterfly Patches

Butterfly Fridgie

Very Fancy Crocheted Butterfly- I love this one, it almost looks tatted

Butterfly Table Runner- these look almost like pressed monarch butterflies

Butterfly Pin

Butterflies- I like the variation on these wings

Butterfly Luncheon Set- pretty snazzy for a place mat

Butterfly Nightstand Doily- this looks more like a place mat to me

Butterfly Insert- pretty pineapple butterfly

Butterfly Blouse- loaded with appliques

Butterfly Applique'

Butterfly Handkerchiefs

Butterfly Bookmark

Simple Butterflies

Butterfly Bookmark- very pretty