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Edgings make a good pattern great. Adding just the right edging to an afghan or sweater can make it stand out as unique and special. They are just the perfect finishing touch- the frosting. Here are a few I like to use.

Rings and Roses- this would make a nice edging for a ripple afghan or for a wedding afghan.

Mile-a-minute Edgings- these edgings use the mile-a-minute stitch method. I have not tried them but I like them.

Vintage Fancy Edging- this edging is so fancy that it would really spice up a special pattern

Paddle Wheel Lace Edging- this is a very lacy look, victorian look

Several Lace Edgings- these edgings made me drool at how pretty they are. The patterns are all in symbols.

Fussia Flower Edge- this is a pretty sophisticated edging.

Irish Lace Collar- I think this could be adapted to be a strait edging. I love the delicate flowers.

Lots of Edgings- links to lots of different edgings

Pineapple Swirls- this is one of my favorite edgings. I have used it on the bottom of T-shirts and other items and it just POPS!

Three Pretty Edgings

Pyramid Braid- makes a nice triangular fringe

Slip Fringe- I love the way this fringe has some weight to it. I think it would make a good finge on a shawl

Cirlicue Fringe- would be cute on a kid's afghan

Eyelet Braid- simple edging that would work great for weaving a ribbon through.

Interlaced Edging- reminds me of the beginning of a ripple afghan, might look good on the edge of a towel

Popcon Fringe- great edging for adding some texture to the edge of a piece.

Luxurious Braid- would look great on the edge of a towel