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I used to think doilies were old fashioned and boring. Then I made a couple as gifts. I love making them. There is something so lovely that happens as you watch this lacy pattern grow from your fingers. And suddenly I am in love with the feminine look of doilies on my shelves.


Don't Forget Me- The forget-me-not is the state flower of Alaska, and is a beautiful delicate blue flower. I love this doily for its portrayal of this lovely flower and that it is done on an oval

Texas Rose- "There's a yellow rose in Texas...."

Maggie Weldon's Pansy Doily- very pretty simple center surrounded by colorful pansies.

Roses and Leaves- pretty little rose doily in color

Giant Sunflower Doily

Autumn Reflections Doily

Oriental Fantasy- I love the delicacy of this one

Snowflake Doily- has the etched look of a real snowflake

Stardust Doily- I like the shape, it reminds me of a swirling nebula

Cameo Girls- This is so neat, four women in dresses holding hands

Forget-Me-Knot- I love the ring of blue flowers

Rose Sunburst- I love the pointed edge in bursting color

Pansy Doily- This is a nice circular doily bordered by colorful pansies. I like the fact that it has so much color.

Swan Symphonies Doily- What I LOVE about this doily is the three dimensional swans.

Hearts Around Doily- this one is done in yarn. I think this could even be made into an afghan motif.

Horse Head Doily- great silhouette of a horse head.

Dolphin Fillet Chart- I made an afghan out of this chart, and designed another based on it

Another Horse Head Fillet

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