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My Pepita (a chihuahua mix) is cold all the time, even when the rest of us are hot. So she gets to wear sweaters a lot. I love finding new patterns to make for her. Here are a few of the best I have found.

Dog Sweater- made with granny squares, and could be altered to fit any size dog.

Doggie Sweater- warm, striped

Doggie Snuggle-up- cute sweater that buttons up the back

Purpleicious- a dog sweater with fuzzy collar


Large Dog Sweater- this is the only doggy sweater pattern that I have seen so far that is designed specifically for large dogs.

One Piece Dog Sweater- this is a nice little sweater that is done all in one piece, not with a belt under the belly.

Cabled Dog Sweater- I love Cables, so this one is one I like a lot.

Doggie Shrug- if your pup is a fashionista, this one is for you

Cozy Pet Bed- for any dog or cat.