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Here are some really fun crocheted toy patterns.


Counting Toy- This is a cute toy for toddlers to learn how to count and to learn their colors.

Clown Fish- Think Nemo or his dad

Stuffed Moon and Stars - could make a soft mobile or a pillow for baby, or adapt for decoration to an afghan

Amigurami Cloud- I think this would make another good mobile piece in a baby nursery

Stuffed Pomeranian Dog- this is very very cute. It should be downloaded as a PDF file because of the many pictures in the pattern.

Owlets, Robin, Elephant- I like the robin best, but they are all cute

Tree Frog- did a great job of making it look cute but realistic

Manta Ray- very easy, add some fish and have a whole aquarium

Toads- ribbit ribbit

Hyperbolic Crochet Model- this is more of a mind toy for adult crocheters

Crochet Lamb- make a mascot for your yarn basket

Baby Triceratops- for the dino lovers

Tiny Striped Turtles- I think I would like to stuff these with beans and make a bean bag out of them

Basket Mobile and Baby in Basket- this would make a cute baby gift embellishment or decoration for a nursery

Crocheted Horse - complete with saddle and bridle

Silly Blue Whale

Amigurami Beaver- very cute

Sweaters for Stuffed Animals- great for dressing your Teddy

Racetrack Rug- great idea for kids to play with in their room

Icicle, the mohair miniature bear

12" doll pattern

Teddy Bear- this is such a cute bear

Outfits for Teddy Bear: Dress and Hat, Exercise Outfit, Graduation Outfit, Overalls

Jaques the Sea Turtle


Pocket Animals and Forrest Friends

Mauritius the dodo bird- this is so cute

Rocket Ship with Astronauts and Aliens- this is so creative

Small Horse Toy- this would make a great baby toy if you did not use beads for eyes

Crocheted Pony Purse- I made this for my niece and she LOVED it

Dragon- if you are an Anne McCaffrey fan of Pern novels, you could have your own little fire lizard

Meerkat- PDF file- reminds me of the Zaboomafu puppet

Minature Thread Bears- these are great, you can make any expression on the bear you want and really personalize them

Penguin Pillow

Victorian Doll and Dress

Little Stuffed Mouse

Barbie Furniture

Fluffy Dog- this pattern is so neat. It makes a little dog that looks almost lifelike. I love the way they get the fur to look real

Dolphins- this could be done as a toy or as a decoration

Townie the Bat
Frog- you won't mind your little ones sticking this frog in their pocket


Flying Pig

Hedge Hog

Home for Sammy the Hedge Hog