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It is so fun to make things and then be able to wear them. Others love to see what you've made, and it inspires others to try to learn to crochet so that they too can make custom clothing.

More patterns coming soon...

Dinner at Eight Top- this is a pretty top with sizes up to 2X (chest size 44 inches)- that sounds like a flat chested 2X to me

Lace Tunic- love the collar, up to 52" bust

Circle Vest- I love the insert in the back

Airy Lace Shell- really feminine design, up to 50" bust

Sea Breeze Top- up to 48" bust. Would love to adapt this to my size

Floral Fantasy Sweater- bust up to 57", lacy flowers

Lace Vest- very lovely and feminine, up to bust size 55"

Filigree Cardigan- really pretty lacy sweater, up to 52" bust

V-neck Topper- really comfy looking sweater, I think I would alter the sleeves slightly. Up to size 3x, 54" bust

Aruna Cardigan- a short sleeved cardigan with textured stitches. Up to bust size 52 inches

Butterfly Tank Top- bust size up to 42 inches

Lattice Leg Warmers- well not so much warmers as fashion accessories. 

Cozy Crochet Socks